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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

PING! Mother Box PING!

May I draw your attention to a recent interview I did with the Ping! MotherBox Ping! blog - quite a decent-sized one as these things go. There's a bit of history plus some ill-conceived ranting! All good fun. Thanks to Brett Williams for the juicy questions.


  1. Bravo! Your interview has seen the rounds of the internet and we cheer your championing for good stories, and not just re-tooling a character to generate sales due to hype (wonder woman anyone?) You have been a beacon of quality storytelling as far as I'm concerned, whether it's Thor or fin fang foom or even something as unexpected as the muppet show. Keep up the good work, sir (signed: canada A.)

  2. Thanks for that. I thought of checking out some of the threads that people have pointed out to me and then I thought, nah. But I'm glad I'm not totally a lone voice in the wilderness.


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