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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Harveys, Robots and more...

Hello! I'm interrupting a holiday here to bring you news, so I'll be brief - but I thought it was worth mentioning that I glommed a couple of Harvey Awards over the weekend, one for "Special Award for Humor" for The Muppet Show Comic Book (that's the one in the picture, being held by Boom! Studios' head honcho Ross Richie), and one for 'Best Writer" (!) for Thor: The Mighty Avenger. (Delighted to see my Thor collaborator Chris Samnee get a gong for his contribution as well.) So there's that. It's all anticlimax from here on in, folks!

Also worth sharing: Sonny Liew's Malinky Robot is out later today. Apart from just being a terrific book, it's got a pinup by me in it, which was great fun to do.

And last but very far from least, I'd like to draw your attention to the fact that Dylan Williams, publisher of Sparkplug Comics, is having health issues and needs some cash to deal with them. Please consider going to Sparkplug Comics' website and picking up some books. Your support could make a hell of a difference.

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