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Friday, August 26, 2011

Mister Eye

I picked up Manga Studio recently for cheap, during their San Diego Comic Con sale - and threw this together while I was mucking about with it. Line art in MS, colours in Photoshop. For no reason whatsoever.


  1. Great artwork! MangaStudio is the best digital comic program out there! Have you messed around with MS's color tools? Here's a sample of artwork penciled, inked and colored within MangaStudio EX:

    btw, Snarked! is my current favorite comic. It's way too much fun! As comics should be.

  2. Manga studio's awesome.
    If you're new to it double click the tool (pen or whatever) play around with the stroke-in stroke-out thing but also really push up the correction thing on it. It smooths your line right out and makes you look like a half decent artist.
    Not that you need it.

    I do :)


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