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Tuesday, March 08, 2016

The Presentation

Guest word-strangler Andrew Langridge supplied the pithy texth today.

On the one hand, today's strip took me way too long to do. On the other, I figured out how Manga Studio's basic ruler tools worked, so overall a win I feel (the perspective tools are Advanced Manual at this stage; I just needed to make a few straight lines and a couple of circles). Haven't worked out how you get rid of the rulers once you've used them yet – for now I'm just dragging them to a dedicated "Rulers" layer once I'm done with them, which works well enough.

The anti-aliasing brushes issue is still annoying me. I wonder if it's specific to the brush I was using. I switched to a Frenden brush ("Bob's Big Belly") when it happened again today, and that was fine. Something to test tomorrow.

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