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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Customs and Habits

Here's a Knuckles strip I did a few years back, for a benefit comic to raise legal fees for Knockabout Comics vs. H.M. Customs, when Customs seized a huge number of their Crumb books and tried to prosecute them. (Knockabout eventually won but they didn't get their books back in time to capitalise on the Crumb movie -- which is why they imported them in the first place, I seem to recall.)

The strip didn't go in the Knuckles collection a few years back because it needed too much context to make any sense. Probably still a bit thin on context even here, but it's only the internet, innit.

Today: doing rough breakdowns for a new Art d'Ecco story to go in the collection. I laughed out loud when I read Andrew's script. Good sign.


  1. This is great stuff Roger. Great blog in general.
    The first page wouldn't load on this one though.
    Cheers! - Luke P.

  2. Any comics you're enjoying right now Roger?

  3. Hee! Saw this in that compilation of Toby Morris', Officer Pup #2.

  4. I wish I had time to read comics right now. I haven't read one in months. The curse of having babies, unfortunately. They chew up your time and spit it out and then expect you to be grateful. Grateful! Things in the "I'm looking forward to that" pile include Bone Sharps, Cowboys and Thunder Lizards by Jim Ottaviani and "Big Time Attic" (Zander Cannon and friends), Wimbledon Green by Seth, a few issues of Or Else by Kevin Huizenga (can't believe I've missed this guy until now!), and probably some other odds and ends I've forgotten about.

    The first page is working fine for me -- you might just need to reload the page? If it's anything more complicated than that, I'm not the johnny to ask, I'm afraid.

  5. "Or Else" is great! If you like it, you should definitely get your hands on Ganges #1, his new one from Fantagraphics/Ignatz.

  6. Yeah, the first page loaded after a second try. Gotta work on that whole patience thing.
    BONE SHARPS is great stuff. Lotsa fun.
    Kevin Huizenga is really great. Really thoughtful stories, but thankfully avoids getting all twee and navel-gazey on us.

    -Luke P.


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