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Friday, April 20, 2012

The Graphic Textbook

Do you like comics? Do you wish you'd been able to read comics in school when you were a kid? Well, an outfit called Reading With Pictures is trying to make that happen. They're putting together an anthology called The Graphic Textbook that, in their words, will make you smarter! I'm contributing a story to it - a Doctor Sputnik adventure in which the eponymous Doctor, with the help of his idiot sidekick and Isaac Newton's head in a jar, explains Newton's Laws of Motion through various practical demonstrations (like a rocket launch and the occasional car crash). Such fun! The goal is not only to educate through the comics medium - a worthy goal in itself, I'm sure you'll agree - but also to encourage a comics-reading habit in the next generation of readers.

With the clear worthiness of such a project in mind, might I ask you to consider contributing something to the book's Kickstarter project, full details about which can be found here. There's a killer lineup of talent involved; I encourage you to click through and read all about it, and then perhaps make a pledge if you're so inclined. Every little helps.

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